680-page Training and Reference Manual

Copyright (c) Mark Thiel
680 Pages.  Sole authorship (all text and graphics) by Mark Thiel.

The [Core.Sys] [Corp] Training and Reference Manual that I wrote makes extensive use of screenshots. The desktop version of the new software system has a GUI interface, but the handheld scanner version used by thousands of warehouse workers does not.  I had to cover both versions comprehensively in my manual.

This 680-page manual was used to train all 5000+ employees of a major logistics company spread across a great number of locations, internationally.  All of them needed to learn the brand-new core warehouse management system --  from the top tiers of upper management to warehouse workers working on the floors of the warehouses.

Additionally, roughly a third of these workers speak little or no English.

No problem.  I speak Spanish.  Yes, really well.

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