Visio Diagrams of Network Architecture and Data/Database Transactions

Copyright (c) Mark Thiel

Research and analysis of databases, network infrastructure, facilities, and hardware artifacts supporting migration to a future state technical environment.

I analyzed a core system that interacted and was interdependent with many satellite systems.  The core system was going to be replaced, while the satellite systems (about 20 different systems) would remain in place.  So this was like a complicated organ transplant.

The issue here was that there was no existing documentation whatsoever of the existing core system.  So my job was to analyze this system and the nature and content of its data transactions with satellite systems in preparation for data mapping and migration to the as-yet-undesigned new system.  My documentation served as a Requirements Analysis and Scope of Work for the designers of the new system.

I loved this project.

Note that when mapping or documenting structures like databases and network architectures, there is no GUI interface, and therefore no screenshots of a GUI interface.  Instead, clear diagrams and tables must be created to visualize relationships between intangible entities.

The audience for this document was chiefly IT upper management and the software designers, programmers, network architects, and implementation team for the new system.

I worked as a Consultant, and was the sole Technical Writer for this large corporation.

After I mapped out the old system and it was time to implement the new system, a Training and Reference Manual had to be written for the new system, so this logistics company again hired me to do that job, as well.

The source code for the new system came from a third party, but an estimated 70% of that code (and the interfaces and functional capabilities of the system) was altered and customized for the client, so a customized User Manual was vital.  My manual was then used to train all 5000+ employees on the newly implemented system.